Monday, February 23, 2009

Stores and comparison to paintball

I am from new york and I have the pleasure of an airsoft store right around the corner from me. The War Store is the second largest store on the east coast and has many guns in stock. Visit their website at They have a very good chart under the paintball tab that gives you good idea of how much money it would take to get started in either paintball or airsoft and I think you would be quite suprised of the results.


Okay first off we will start with safety. When you play airsoft you always want to wear face and eye protection. My rule of thumb is if your under 18 you should wear a full face mask and if your 18 and above you should wear a minimum of googles or what ever face protection you want. The reason I say this is because an owner of a airsoft field is not going to allow a kid to get shot in the face and then the mother calls up all mad its just too much aggravation. When you play airsoft always wear the proper safety equipment. Remember you only get one set of eyes.